Barry and Stacy Rosie

P.O. Box 2568

Kisii, Kenya

East Africa


September 7, 1987


Fraley's Chapel Church of Christ

c/o Jim Brown

Rt. # 8 Box 320

Corinth, Mississippi 38834


Greetings from Kenya,


Hope this finds you well in the Lord.  Our health continues to remain good and we are busy in the Lords kingdom in Kenya.  During the month of August, 5 courses were taught, and we were involved in 3 of them.


The first two courses were "Back to the Bible" courses.  One was held in Kisii for hearing people from the 5th of August through the 10th.  For this course 29 people attended, 3 were baptized.  The other course was held at a town called Machakos near Nairobi.  Simeon, the person we are helping so he can teach the deaf community, took 7 deaf people from Kisii to the course.  They left the 1st of August and returned on the 8th.  During that course 50 deaf people attended, 28 were baptized.  Of those 28 people, 4 were from the 7 that Simeon took from Kisii.

Since then 4 more deaf people have been baptized here in Kisii town, and an average of 18 worship on our back porch weekly.  For this we praise the Lord.  This work will probably grow rapid1y since no other work is done among the deaf community in the Kisii area.


The next two courses were held from the 12th to the 16th of August.  The course I helped teach was about the teachings of Jesus Christ.  Twelve people attended, which seems like a small amount, but of those 12 people, 4 were baptized.  More than half of the 12 students were already Christians.  The other course was taught on the subject of "Sacrifice".  This course was taught to Christians only, and 20 people were present.


The last course I helped teach was in Machakos near Nairobi.  This was a back to the Bible course with a Luo class.  Thirty-nine students attended during the week of the 23rd to the 30th of August.  Of the 39 students 12 were baptized, 4 of them were Luos.  The Lord has helped us during the month of August with a rich harvest.  Our prayer now is that we will be successful in maturing them in the Lords Kingdom.  Please keep these 51 souls in your thoughts and prayers as time passes.  Also, remember us as we try to show them Christ in our lives.


In Christian Service,





Barry and Stacy Rosie